martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

Is It Cold Yet?

These past days have been crazy with the weather!!
We're in those days in which we're leaving warm temperatures, and starting to get used to the cold weather instead!! But the in between time it's exhausting most of the times!! It's so hard to pick the right outfit like that. If you think it's too cold and wear lots of clothes, you may end up burning yourself out! And if you don't wear enough clothes you'll end up feeling freezing, hard, huh??

So I've found out the master piece of clothing that you can't live without in days like this one, is the one and only PONCHO!!! yes, the poncho!!. It's so weird for me that the poncho is so trendy now, because I've lived all of my life wearing ponchos in my hometown, they're so famous there!! It's the most important item for a countryside outfit. You usually wear them with an specific type of pants called "bombachas", shirts and a beret.
It's really comfy to wear and it warms you up if you're cold, but it's also really easy to fold in and put away in any backpack if you feel hot.

This was my outfit for today that I went to have lunch with a really close friend of mine that is almost like my aunt and works in the UN.
If you're planning to visit the UN you may like to know that there's a guided tour all over there for just 18 bucks, which is really good! If you're not expecting to spend any money instead you can just walk around by yourself and it's completely free!! it's always good to now things like this! Don't forget to bring your passport as they're going to ask for it before letting you go in.

Talking about the food, if you're around there at lunch time, there are plenty of really good restaurants  to choose.
I'm a big fan of Italian food, so we went to an Italian restaurant called Cibo (767 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10017) in which you have really good pasta, pizza and salads.

When you're done with the UN, you can also go to explore the Grand Central Terminal which is just a few blocks away.
Now you know how to spend a different day in New York.  :)

Hope you enjoy it!!


Poncho & Skirt - H&M | Turtleneck shirt - Public School | Hat - Forever 21 | Sunnies - Ray Ban         

Photos by Wagner Santiago 

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